Conservación y desarrollo en Madagascar

Anunciando el reciente seminario de Alicia Donnellan en la AUT de Nueva Zelanda, sobre conservación y desarrollo en Madagascar, sentimos que las raíces de Yelcho están llegando muy lejos.

Hace poco más de dos años Alicia Donnellan investigó in situ el problema de la deforestación en el sur de Madagascar, en un proyecto compartido entre la Fundación Yelcho y Fundación Agua de Coco.Alicia_Madagascar

¡Enhorabuena por tu trabajo y por seguir trabajando por un planeta mejor!

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«Science, conservation  and collaboration. A Malagasy example»

«Madagascar has long fascinated scientists and has a rich history of environmental protection actions, which have raced against the deforestation that ravages the island. As many other countries, it has been witness to the chasm between the science carried out by research institutions and actions carried out by on ground environmental protection organizations. The capacity of science to maintain a connection to conservation practitioners is essential to bridging the research implementation gap and guaranteeing informed action. There are many ways of building small bridges across the researcher practitioner divide at a variety of scales. I will talk about my experience as a scientist and an environmental protection NGO worker in Madagascar. During my time working for Fundación Yelcho, in collaboration with the local Malagasy Coconut Water Foundation, I endeavored to provide not just knowledge but above all my skills as a scientist. Our collaboration meant that we could facilitate science informed actions and provide a systematic problem solving approach to local environmental projects. Additional to creating knowledge transfer potential,  we helped pave the way for research of scientific value to be carried out in understudied areas of the island. During my talk I will give you an overview of the projects we developed and hopefully show how these small scale custom shaped collaborations make a difference»